We need your help! Our events are staffed entirely by volunteers, both medically trained providers and non-medical volunteers.



Healthcare providers are needed to prepare and administer vaccines and provide other care as needed.

Click here for information on becoming an approved vaccinator. (updated 10/27/2021 for 5-11 year old clinics)



Volunteers with no medical experience are needed to help prepare supplies, collect vaccination forms, and help keep things moving smoothly. If you know how to operate a stapler or a clipboard, you're qualified!

Who Can Vaccinate?

PREP Act Fact Sheet

Click on the button to learn more about who can vaccinate through the federal government's PREP Act. 

Information for Vaccinators

Vaccinator Education Materials

Thank you for volunteering to vaccinate! There are a few educational items to complete before volunteering at the vaccine clinic.  Dr. Odam from the Odam Medical Clinic (partner clinic providing vaccine/supplies/logistics) has asked that all vaccinators have MDH certification and review the following items.

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To volunteer at one of our events, select the event on the calendar and then click the sign-up link in the event details.

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